Media Production

        Multimedia products brings great role for enterprise publicity and promotion. Using multimedia to enrich enterprise contents of communication and optimize the viewing experience. Our multimedia team can combine corporate needs to provide a variety of products professional digital video and Photo beautification services. We will to create unique multimedia products for customers so that improve publicity and promotion.

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Product Photography

When the customer does not touch the product, only through the text descriptions and pictures to understand the product, but difference from angles, brightness, supporting material and other details of the images produced gap makes images in high and low level difference. We have rich experience in photography team. Our pursuit is for every detail perfect. We have always upheld the goal that increase market competitiveness for each a good product.

Photo Makeup

Picture compared to pure text more optimized user viewing experience, but the quality and the quality of the image directly about the user visual experience. That will lead the bad impact of the user to enterprise or product service. Image beautification technology to make the image more ornamental and the image beautification is conducive to the spread of corporate brand image and more helpful to corporate website SEO optimization etc..

Photo Production

Picture as the print media apply to variety of brands spread. Picture more clearer and image than text of dissemination. If enterprises can efficient use a good picture for the corporate brand figure and product figure will apparent sublimation propagation effect. We have an experienced the Visual design team. Years of commercial design experience can enhance the user experience and brand value. Our Visual team is committed to create exciting and valuable visual experience for enterprise.

Video Production

The film relative to the print media is more diversified. Film has a positive role for corporate brand image and product promotion. Our video production team oriented by customer demand, and according to the characteristics of enterprise to play unlimited video creative. Our production team will use professional equipment to tailor for enterprise a effective and the most cost-effective video dissemination solutions. Provide the integrated video production service.

Portrait Photography

In this age of diversity, corporate propaganda is no longer limited to product advertising. Enterprise leaders have become another important approach to cognitive brand for customers. The portrait can transmit enterprise leaders image more directly affects peoples feeling and understand for the corporate image. Portrait photography is different from ordinary photo. Portrait photography not only requires the picture to be beautiful, but also to be able to convey the characters facial expression of the temperament, character, manners and culture. Our photography teams will according to the characteristic of enterprises make the photography program and provide the best character image to enterpriser

Wedding Photography

The wedding is an event in persons life. Wedding photography will record wedding day classic episodes and record real stories, emotions and vitality. Our photography team will provide the high quality photography service for the new couple. The photography team will integrate fashion elements and cultural ideas into the wedding photography. Using photographs recorded the happiest moment. Most perfect works give for most beautiful you.

Commercial Photography

Commercial photography is to point to as commercial purposes in photography activities. The most common commercial photography is advertising and product photography. Commercial photography can give persons a landscaping hint. The hint can reminiscent of the tangible and intangible benefits. This effect is represented by an image. Our photography teams will creative photography to product or corporate image, so that the screen has a stronger appeal and expressiveness, which resonates with audiences, enhance enterprise competitiveness and the dissemination of effect.

Advertising Photography

Today economic development is so quickly. Advertising photography was gives has more rich of meaning for enterprise. Advertising is very useful for enhance enterprise brand and the products visibility. We have experience rich of planning, photography and promotion team. We will according to enterprise culture and products core for basis points, and accurate shaping first-class of enterprise brand and the products image. We has been in do of thing is for enterprise brand told a nice of story, and for enterprise created effectiveness of commercial spread value.