IOS / Android Apps Development

        Enterprises develop their own APP is helps for enterprise social marketing channels. That will increase brand penetration and obtain user data. Companies can improve products and services based on data, as well as enhancing brand competitiveness. Enterprise APP combines the advantages of communications and Internet. It is a great help for promotion enterprise resources and dissemination information. We have a great and stable team of professionals. We can provide the most value for the enterprise mobile platform.

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IOS/Android Apps Design

User first impression is from the overall design of the APP. The main task of app design is to design rationality of the APP page layout. Two of the important points in the good design is the UI design of the product and the user experience. Our team knows that true innovation requires business, design and technology integration together. The goal of our team is for products to create a better user experience.

IOS/Android Games Design

With the increasing popularity of smart phones, most people play mobile games as the most popular form of entertainment. People can play the game anytime and anywhere. Corporate development game can get a publicity brand channels, and earlier to gain market share and get benefit in a mobile games market. We have a team that specializes in network. Core technical personnel with more than 10 years of development experience. We according to enterprise demand custom gaming products and services, to provide enterprises with high values of the mobile game.

IOS/Android Marketing

With the popularity of Apple and Android, more and more people use Apple and Android Terminal. Many enterprises have begun to pay attention to IOS and Android marketing. Enterprises can make use of images, text, animation and so on way to show out corporate brand and product information. And get better marketing results based on this Terminal. Our team can make brand communication plan for enterprises. Use originality to improve commercial temperament. We are going to make enterprise marketing more effective dissemination of results.

IOS/Android Web Apps Development

With the rapid development of Internet and new media, more and more enterprises take advantage Web applications to development and enrich brand promotion. As a mobile simple application it offers advantages such as low cost, ease of development and Real-Time Maintenance. We have mature planning, design and development team can build custom Web applications platform. Open the new web applications brand marketing way

Wechat/QQ/Sina login

Many users currently use wechat/QQ/Sina. using third-party logon allows the user to bypass the cumbersome registration process and quickly login the Web site, you can directly get information such as the user name, photo. so that user can save upload avatar and fill nickname trouble again. Users login the Website by wechat/QQ/Sina account they can find a familiar person, that will increase user stickiness.

Face detected system

With the rapid development of mobile communication device, mobile terminal become a new generation of personal information center, it also produces a lot of privacy and information security risks. Mobile has as the personal mobile information terminal. Mobile privacy needs to be more rigorous. Using face recognition system can effectively improve the information security technology, and ensure the information security of mobile terminals.