Online Platform Development

        Business networking platform requires a combination of network technology with enterprise management system, workflow, and business, make it work a role of the network platform. We have experienced technical team. We can provide to enterprise with simple and secure exclusive platform. Enterprises can corporate online platform to reduce the management costs and transaction costs, as well as through e-commerce activities to gain more profit. 。

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Online platform consultation

The arrival of the information age, many traditional industries began to focus on and marketing activities through the network, but many companies have a question-how to build a safe and convenient online platform? We will provides world class Internet solutions and improve the market competitiveness of customers.

Member system

Enterprises can use member system to providing differentiated service and precision marketing. Member system can improve customer loyalty and increase profits. We will establish effective member system. It can depending on the classification of Member conduct targeted marketing and caring. Member system can increase Member loyalty and create value. Using a variety of member marketing to improve customer stickiness, Member analysis of multi-dimensional help the enterprise to provide the most accurate analysis of Member data to develop marketing strategies 。

Wechat/QQ/Sina login

Many users currently use wechat/QQ/Sina. using third-party logon allows the user to bypass the cumbersome registration process and quickly login the Web site, you can directly get information such as the user name, photo. so that user can save upload avatar and fill nickname trouble again. Users login the Website by wechat/QQ/Sina account they can find a familiar person, that will increase user stickiness.

Payment online system

Online payment systems can transfer payment information securely across the network to the Bank or the appropriate organization to achieve electronic payment. Online payment makes online shopping more convenient and efficient. We will establish online payment systems for enterprise, guarantee the payment operation stable, reliable, fast, as well as make sure for data backup and disaster recovery capabilities. Online payment can make user rights have absolute guarantee

E-marketing plan consultation

Many of the traditional industry are trying to carry out network marketing, to improve the competitiveness of enterprises, but the network marketing plan not just network promotion. Internet marketing can bring a variety of effects. Network marketing planning is the process of strategic thinking and program planning in order to achieve a specific network marketing objectives. We have many years of Internet marketing experience. We use professional perspective to provides the network marketing plan

Platform System

How easy and fast management of various departments, agencies, and other websites is very important, we use the skilled information technology according to the customers needs and characteristics of building proprietary platform. Professional platform system can simple and convenient to raise office efficiency and guarantee the platform system data security.

Testing and debug

Program errors cannot be avoided during the design process. Test and debug can find errors and modified the program. the purpose of the test is based on a minimum of manpower and time to identify potential errors and defects after changes to the program. We have a professional testing team can testing and debugging the platform for enterprise systems, so that ensure the smooth running of the system.

Token security system

Token (interim) is the right to perform certain actions, security token systems can control user access to securable objects, and allows the user has ability to perform related actions. Security tokens system can protect the users access to security and access users data do not being stolen or modified.

Co-operation banner service

Website banner ads are the most basic form of advertising in Internet advertising. Companies can make pictures of corporate information, product, or service, placed in the banner page. Companies can combine with Web site statistics and analysis of information, pushing more targeted advertising to users. Simple designs or powerful visual effects can greatly enhance the user experience and the effects of advertising.