How do you control the details of the company's website design?

Website design, now for an enterprise, it is very necessary to build a website, but first of all, it should make clear the key points of building a website, so as to build a website faster and better, and let the website play its important role.That a good website construction also cannot leave to control the details, in the company website design we often need to pay attention to the following major details.

Website design

First, from the overall grasp

When we open a website, what attracts us should be the overall style of the website design. For example, at this time, we close the laptop and turn off the phone.What is alipay like?What is jingdong like...E-commerce sites, we found that even the same do website integral style has a lot of difference, the overall difference reflected on the whole style, also reflected in the local details, these details including the placement of the logo layout, the selection of image processing, the size of the interval, in different regions in the choice of alignment and spacing, and order.

Don't take these designs for granted, but they are a combination of aesthetics, psychology, big data and so on. Why the products recommended on Tmall homepage are quite different from those recommended on homepage?

Ii. Requirements for secondary website details

The company's web site design to secondary site details requirements.I have finished the homepage design of the website, which is the design of the secondary website. Compared with the homepage design, one is in front of the stage and the other is behind the stage.

The weight of a website, actually very second level domain name more or less has various relations, take link for example, in the home page, all links are real and effective, but in the second level domain name, there are a large number of invalid links, because of neglect of management, these dead links may be more and more, how to do?This requires attention to details. For this, at the beginning of the website launch, the production staff should check the required documents or attachments and check whether there are any omissions.Thoroughly check all links on your site for correct addresses, incorrect links, dead links, or poor logic.And after the website goes online, also must establish the regular inspection system, especially after the website upgrades, is a key work.

Of course, there are still many details to be improved in the secondary domain, such as some seemingly unimportant content and some important columns of the website, which are all displayed in the secondary domain in front of users and search engines, and guidance and interface design are very important.

3. Detailed construction of website background

Company web site design background details construction.Once thought the network editor complained that the company's background design was too maddening, the original text that had been arranged in the text editing tool version, to the background, the paragraph in front of two more lines, but had to be re-typesetting, no doubt, such a bad design, both more effort, experience is quite poor.

For example, picture editing, different background of the website, the requirements on pictures are different, there is a website background only two specifications for pictures, vertical version a specification, horizontal version a specification, this practice is not known why?Mobile web site has entered the era of responsiveness and the website backstage also abide by the inherent thinking, so the website backstage, and users, and it doesn't make much difference whether web site search engine optimization (seo), but don't forget, a web site with their employees, the background is convenient, there is no doubt to website optimization to provide a comfortable environment.

Iv. Content arrangement details

The content layout details of the company's website design, of course, we talk about the content from the design details, and the content details require the content of the website to be well formatted. When we do the design, we can use 12px font as the standard font of the website, but the content of the body should be set to 14px.Secondly, there are pictures. The pictures of the products should not be deformed.The tool and the background editor is profound relationship, show in front of the user's size, photo size, want to consider different devices display effect, of course, there are sites next to the content and advertising, in the presence of a large number of ads, do you have any blocking content, if there is any impact to the web page open speed, these are all web designers need to consider, advertising can bring profits for web site, however, maddening open speed, or interesting content is advertising make dazzling, ask yourself, do so, a better tomorrow for site, or harvest site bonus!

Don't think that the web design technology is very mature, you can take it lightly.In fact, the development of website design is very much like the development of mobile phones. Ten years ago, only mobile phones that accept the functions of SMS and voice calls were priced between 1,000 and 2,000 yuan.

The company's web site design also increasingly emphasizes user experience, and the better the user experience, the better the brand will be.And satisfying the user's idea is reflected in the details, which determine the success or failure of the details. This includes technology and human design.